Model Amanda Cerny had a blast playing with water – wet shirt candids on Instagram

In case you miss those good old fashioned wet t-shirt contests like we’ve all been fapping to back in the good old ”Girls Gone Wild” VHS days, this one’s for you. Instagram is actually a great replacement for the old ”Girls Gone Wild” content, even changing the theme to ”Celebs Gone Wild”.

For sexy celebrity photos showcasing plenty of skin, cleavage or spicy bikini selfies, Instagram is the perfect platform to spend hours scrolling through all the eye-candy shared by models and celebs. And well, you can add wet t-shirts to that list as well.

Look who decided to have a blast while playing with water?

It’s the famous American vlogger, Youtuber, model and actress – Amanda Cerny.

I’d bet her 24 Million+ followers (@amandacerny) sure enjoyed those photos passing by on their Instagram feed.

From the looks of it, Amanda Cerny sure had a lot of fun when these candids were taken, and well, I guess me and my little friend inside my underwear are about to have some fun now too, hihi.

You know what they say, right? Sharing = caring. So, thanks for sharing these hot photos!