Kourtney Kardashian braless in white see through tank top #pokies

Nobody likes to get sweaty boobs, right? So I guess it makes sense that the sexy reality TV celebrity Kourtney Kardashian prefers going out braless even in public, considering for the past few days it felt like we’ve been living in the freakin’ Sahara, due to the warm summer days being in full-force lately.

Well, spotting a hot and famous babe like Kourtney over here, while having her nipples exposed in a white see-thru tank top, makes the temperature rise even more…

Gotta love the fact that celebrities like Kourtney Kardashian, as well as her sisters, pretty much don’t give a damn about flaunting their pokies by going out braless in public, while knowing damn well that there’s going to be paparazzi photographers around every corner of the street… Like every other time.

That ”not giving a fuck-attitude” has become pretty rare in the current day and age, thanks to all those social justice warriors lurking around on the interwebs 24/7, always ready to start another outcry. Well, not Kourtney over here. Kourtney simply doesn’t give a damn. If she wants to leave her bra at home, Kourtney leaves her bra at home. If that means we all get to watch and enjoy her nipples being on display, then so be it.

Now that’s the spirit! Then again, of course, the Kardashians sure has a long and naughty naked history, hihi. Let’s just say that they don’t mind flaunting some skin every once and a while. I mean, we probably all still remember how Kim Kardashian got famous in the first place, right?