This is why you should follow the sexy reality star Kylie Jenner on Instagram

I think these candids showcasing Kylie Jenner’s fantastic curves and boobies while wrapped in a tiny bikini, would be the perfect reason to explain and proof to any straight man walking around on this planet – why he should go add and follow the reality TV star (and famous model) Kylie Jenner on her Insta profile ASAP!

Now hold on one second! Before you start accusing us of being a bunch of filthy perverts, because… well, we kinda are hihi, but that doesn’t matter. Admit it, you probably assumed we just zoomed in on her titties ourselves using Photoshop to share that close-up picture of Kylie Jenner’s boobies in bikini, right?

Well, here’s where things get real interesting – we didn’t!

Kylie just uploaded and shared a close-up photo of her bikini boobies to her Instagram page (@KylieJenner) herself. No face, just boobies… I have to admit, Kylie does know exactly what type of content her male following on social media likes to ”consume” (aka like to fap to).

Thanks for the eye-candy, Kylie!