Karoline Hamm strips nude for her new role on Scandinavian Netflix series Equinox

Looks like Netflix wants to take over HBO in terms of showcasing bare naked breasts, booty, nudity as well as in terms of spicy sex scenes. Well, good for you Netflix! We ain’t complaining. Keep ’em cumming!

The latest and greatest nude scene(s) on Netflix?

The latest and greatest celebrity skin available on the Netflix streaming service? Good question! Well, the honor goes to the Scandinavian Netflix fictional series – Equinox.

And now you’re probably wondering – ”So… Who’s the lucky lady that had the honor to strip down all of her clothes?” That’ll be the 21 year old actress Karoline Hamm. Doesn’t ring a bell? Don’t worry, let us introduce you to her properly… Meet the cute actress from Denmark; Karoline Hamm!

So, what’s it going to be? The front or the back?

While I must say that I’d never heard of her name before, I also have to say that my first impression is very positive, to say the least. She’s got a great booty and a nice and cute (but sexy) small handful pair of titties too… In other words – great actress, hihi!

Karoline Hamm was born in 1999 in Denmark. Besides her fully nude role on the latest Netflix show Equinox, she’s also starring in a few other productions such as; Far til fire – Onkel Sofus vender tilbage (2014), as well as the more recent; Madklubben (2020). She will also be starring in the upcoming short film ”Sail On, My Love”, which is scheduled to be released later this year.

Nude stills from new Netflix series Equinox (with Karoline Hamm bare naked)

The new Equinox Netflix show sure looks ”interesting”…