Bianca Gascoigne pokies in tight cat suit while at the supermarket

Paparazzi did their job well today, since they’ve managed to capture some delicious photos of Bianca Gascoigne’s delicious curves while wearing a tight cat suit at the supermarket. Oh, and let’s not forget about those hard nipples (aka celebrity pokies). But damn, that body of hers. Not gonna lie, I’d never knew she had such a hot figure. The Kardashians can eat their hearts out!

Bianca Gascoigne is a British glamour model and famous UK television personality. Even though she isn’t really known for shying away of showing off her fine body or some skin in public, that being said, she does really look fantastic on these candids. Somehow I never stumble upon hotties like Bianca when I’m doing my groceries. Oh well… Let’s continue with the eye candy, shall we? You ”came” here to see some hard nipples? Ok, here we go! Public celeb pokies, coming up!