Asian cutie Amanda Li-paige shares a braless photo of herself on Instagram while wearing a sexy see through top

What do you do when the weather is nice and all, the sun is shining, and you just want to relax for a bit? Well, what about chillin’braless in the sun at the beach, while wearing a white (see-thru) sheer top? The asian cutie Amanda Li-Paige figured this sounded like a good plan and went along with it. Can’t say we don’t agree with Amanda over here. 🙂

What you’d say? Pics or it never happened. Ok, fine… What if I told you she captured that wonderful moment on camera and shared it with her fans on her Instagram page?

If you’ve never heard of this hot asian model, i’d suggest you go check her out @amandapandapaige as her Insta profile is filled with tons of bikini selfies and pictures. Something we all can enjoy, right?