Famous petite cutie Lucy Aragon spotted topless at the beach

Remember that petite, cute, and sexy model Lucy Aragon from the 2014 reality TV shows ”The Bachelor” and its follow-up show from the same year – Bachelor in Paradise? Well, Lucy Aragon isn’t just making ”the bachelor” feel like he’s in paradise, as it turns out, she also likes to make sure all the people chillin’ at the beach are feeling as if they are in paradise too… by dropping her bikini and reveal her famous boobs to all the folks down at the beach. She’s such a angel!

Lucy Aragon likes to call herself ”Free Spirit”, which explains why she likes to share so much semi-naked or topless holiday candids on her social media profiles such as Instagram. Literally, Lucy travels all around the globe and shares all of her ”bikini adventures” among her followers online.

So, In case you were wondering what the hell this former reality TV star has been up to lately, ever since her last major TV show appearance, dating back to 2015 (in the reality TV series – Comedy Bang! Bang!), guess you’ve just found yourself the answer… That would be flashing her celebrity boobies in public, woohoo!