Australian TV host Rachael Finch checks if her boobs are still there (a day at the beach)

Where is Waldo? Oops, I mean – where did the tits of the former People’s Choice Award-winner and Australian TV host Rachael Finch go? That’s the thought that went through Rachael Finch’s mind as she was checking up on her own boobies while taking a swim at the beach. Well, that was, until she realized she was ”caught on camera” by some random paparazzi photographer which managed to capture a glimpse of her now famous and exposed Australian nipples. I guess Spring Break truly has arrived, hihi.

With covid and all still going full-force, I almost forgot how fun a day at the beach could be. Oh well. Maybe, one day, we’ll get to spot some topless beach boobs some more often compared to these days.

After she realized she got busted on camera, Rachael in return gave him the ”evil eye”… That’ll teach him!

Rachael Finch’s look on her face appears as if she’s about to blast off some laser beams straight out of her eyes or something like that… Man, if looks could ”kill”, this photographer would have one hell of an unlucky day at the beach, for sure.