Singer and actress Jennifer Lopez still looks super sexy in 2021 (Beach photoshoot)

For the millenials among of us who don’t have a clue who the hot Jennifer Lopez (aka J-lo) over here actually is, shame on you! Jennifer might look like a a true MILF these days, but damn, back in the day, she was just as hot! Trust me, ”we” all had many wet dreams thanks to the actress and pop sensation – Jennifer Lopez. Thanks for that!

Because boy oh boy, if J-Lo started wigglin’ her big and juicy phat booty on stage or live on the televizzle (cool word for television, which we used back in the good old days), a boner would follow real soon… guaranteed!

She became famous for her hit songs ”Let’s get loud” and ”If you had my love”, as well as a few other popular songs.

Speaking of millenials, (yes, I’m looking at you) who likely all missed out on those epic trashy Anaconda films starring Jennifer Lopez, from the good old 90s… shame on you, once again!

Those movies were the sh*t, not because they were good, far from it, but they were still fun to watch, all thanks to Jennifer’s appearance. She was stealing ”the show” with her hot sweaty body, cleavage and amazing looks. Especially in her wet outfits. Go watch those flicks, kids (if you haven’t already). Or click here to skip right to the good parts by watching all the horny J-lo scenes at .

Jennifer Lopez is a true MILF in 2021

So much for the flashbacks and countless masturbation sessions of the past, what about the present? Jennifer Lopez in 2021? Still hot!

Well, even now that her age has past the magical number of 50 years of age, J-Lo is still rocking it and actually looks amazing! And that’s an understatement. Need proof? What about her recent nude photoshoot she did to promote her latest album?

Or what about even more recent candids of J-lo? The latest and greatest? Time to enjoy Jennifer Lopez’s sexy beach photoshoot below.