Celebrity leaks on the rise since 2014

If there is something that has been on the rise for the last several years, that would be all the (in)famous leaked celeb nudes! God gifted us with stunning goddesses with perfect bodies, and some perverted paparazzi bastards gifted us with their nudes! Other times celebs, such as actresses, would take off their clothes for a steamy sex scene on the latest Hollywood blockbuster movies.

For starters, remember that whole Jennifer Lawrence scandal? Oh boy, that was quite a thing, now wasn’t it? Those nudes were pretty sexy, not going to lie about that, especially the ones in which she stripped out of her clothes to go skinny dippin’.

Check out Jennifer Lawrence’s perfectly shaped, bare naked booty while taking a swim outdoors…

We got to see her fabulous naked body, and that was before she started getting naked for her movies! her body turned out to be quite a jewel… a juicy ass and of course, not to mention her sexy knockers.

Over the years, we have seen many celebs nude – Megyn Kelly, Rihanna, Taylor Swift, Kate Upton, Miley Cyrus, Kristen Stewart and this list goes on. Yes, some of these lovely ladies might have suffered these pretty embarrassing leaks, others shared their own nudes through social media. And how could we ever forget about all the paparazzi photographer candids starring topless tanning Hollywood stars at the beach, right?

Ever since the first celebrity leaks, this stuff has flooded our internet. 2014 was the year of a gargantuan celeb nude leak, and many sites with topless celebs, nude celebs and leaked photos have been created. Today, the internet has plenty kinky sites like The Fappening, Scandal Planet, Celeb Masta, Leaked Pie and more. Here you’ll find all the celebrity smut, like sex tapes and nudes of celebs.

When we watch movies and TV shows, we see these hotties looking so delicious, and we often imagine them without clothes. Well, I don’t know about you, but I sure do!

Sometimes they even do get fully naked in front of the camera, and every once and a while we are being treated to some real sexy gratuitous boob shots. But there are still many actresses who never went nude on camera just yet. So when their nudes found their way to the world wide web, it’s like visiting a candy-store for the first time… all the eye-candy. Finally, you’ll get to see the real deal.

For example, Jennifer Lawrence was never naked in a movie before her leaks were available online. We could only fantasize about her body before all that, there was simply no way we could actually get to see it all (and by all, I mean – ass and titties).

But after these leaked photos, it looks like the actress changed her mind about nudity for movies.

Now she has at least two movies where she exposed her lovely titties, and you know this if you have watched Mother! and Red Sparrow. Who knows? Maybe these leaked photos made her feel more comfortable about her body being nude on camera. After all, we have seen everything we wanted to see, why hide it now? If her leaked photos made her more sexually open and comfortable, that’s still a small positive, right?

The internet is teeming with topless celebs in 2021!

It took years to collect all the delicious content we can enjoy on all the celebrity leaks sites, and today we have so many juicy topless celebs images and more. Remember the leaked sex tape of Kim Kardashian? Now it’s old but gold! Hell, it even kickstarted her entire career basically.

We also have sex tapes with plenty other actresses and singers. It’s like finding a true hidden treasure each time some random celeb decides to show off her wild side on-camera!

What can we say? Perverts like us don’t mind all these Hollywood nudes. Just keep on feeding us more porn, titty-flashing selfies and celebrity nude photos because watching a famous chick flaunting skin for the very first time, is always something we can all enjoy, right?